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Jeep Performance Programming Tools

You don't always need to buy dozens of parts and accessories to get more power out of a Jeep. Often, that power is just sitting inside waiting to be unlocked. Turn the key on that cage with the right Jeep performance modules from Jeeps Are Life. On most vehicles, the onboard computer has generic "one-size-fits-most" settings when it leaves the factory floor. But if you drive a Jeep, you're definitely not part of the "most" group. These Jeep performance chip packages override those safe setups for a result that's right on the edge just like you.

High-Performance Jeep Add-Ons

Living a high-octane #JeepLife can be achieved in 30 minutes or less with the right Jeep performance chips and modules. Install an aFe POWER Scorcher GT Jeep JK performance chip to get multiple power and boost settings with in-cabin adjustments. With an electric throttle control system such as the Sprint Booster Power Converter, your Jeep will feel like a classic pre-electronics model with how fast the gas pedal responds. Use the Find Your Jeep tool to see which Jeep throttle booster is a match for your prized ride.

If you own a Jeep performance tuner, you don't even need to add a chip. Simply connect the tuner to the OBD II port and recalibrate so the vehicle accelerates, cruises and shifts as you like. These advanced programmers can even adjust your speedometer based on tire size or set when your cooling fans turn on and off. Many Jeep handheld programmers have pre-loaded tunes if you're new to this tricky process.

Tune Like a Pro

You no longer need to be a master mechanic or spend thousands of dollars to go beyond the restraints of a factory stock setup. Order modules and programmers from Jeeps Are Life for Jeep performance tuning made easy. We will help you find the right tuner from brands such as aFe POWER, Superchips, Hypertech and DiabloSport to unleash the off-roading beast.

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